Tommi's Burger Night, The Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill

Burger Night

Primrose Hill was very cool in the 90s. Burgers were very cool in 2012. So a burger joint having a residency at a Primrose Hill pub in 2014 is not exactly on trend. But there is a logic.

The 150 year-old Princess of Wales has been recently been restored to its original Victorian glory, and you won’t find many better looking pubs than this one.

On the Thursday night of the monthly burger residency, there's a hip DJ spinning (streaming?) tunes off his Mac. These were slightly too loud to be background music, but then, I am old. And the clientele was a mix of the young, hip and beautiful of Primrose Hill set. (I expected Jude Law and Sadie Frost to drop by.)

Tommi’s Burger Night takes place on the third Thursday of every month. It offers your standard cheese, steak and veggie burger with some skinny fries, designed to satiate our smaller wallets and larger waistlines. The burgers are well priced, with everything being south of a tenner. But at best they were just decent.

The Northerner’s cheeseburger lacked seasoning, although my Italian special was pretty good. The fries were fine, though nothing amazing. We did try a skinny ginger-and-rum-based cocktail which was delicious, and as part of an overall deal with burger, fries for £14, very economical.

And it’s the meal deal that makes Tommi’s idea work. When a large fast food chain with prominent golden arches launched meal deals in the 80s it was, and still is, a very successful concept. What Tommi has achieved is to adapt this concept for a very beautiful pub and offer a deal that works for those of us feeling the financial pinch in the New Year.

What he may just do yet, is to make the burger meal deal, cool.