Five Questions in Five Minutes: Dan Thomson, Juice Club

Dan At The Juice Bar

Juice Club is the brainchild of former cocktail barman Dan Thomson, founder of Covent Garden subterranean cocktail bar B.Y.O.C., and previous manager of that venerable institution, Milk & Honey.

Juice Club is an innovative fresh-pressed-juice bar with pure and healthy juices that provides mixologist-mixed fresh pressed juices, smoothies, vitamin and beauty shots. We caught up with him to ask the question that we'd all like to know the answer to: Why juice?

So Dan, how do you get from mixing cocktails for hipsters to doing juices?

Although bars and alcoholic beverages will always hold a special place in my heart, I firmly believe the future lies in juice. Working as a bartender, I developed a fascination with the use of fresh pressed juices, syrups, spices and herbs and how bars have evolved to become more passionate about fresh, natural ingredients in their cocktails. The idea for Juice Club was born because I wanted to create the first juice boutique that approached juicing like a cocktail bar. Flavours like rhubarb & custard apple are a great example of balancing ingredients and tastes to create something that tastes delicious and is still good for you.

Is this your subliminal way of telling people that they shouldn’t drink cocktails anymore?

I believe there will be a huge growth in the juice market as consumers are looking for fresh and raw ingredients in their drinks. However, we at Juice Club are not snobs, nor are we tree-huggers. We serve a large cross section of people, and we know that juice and cocktail drinkers are not mutually exclusive. Hey, I got into juicing in the first place as the perfect hard-hitting antidote to my late-night job as General Manager of Milk & Honey. It was the quickest and easiest way to revive myself after long shifts and boozy weekends. So, I’m certainly not saying people shouldn’t drink cocktails. Should they drink more juice, though? Absolutely!

Is it a coincidence that your relaunched in Selfridges in January – the ‘dry’ month?

We’re all about perfect timing! There’s no better time than January for juicing. It helps to provide your body with an enormous boost of nutrients, enzymes and vitamins in the fastest and most convenient way. It allows us a much-needed break from processed food, especially after inevitable Christmas over-indulgences, kick starting the metabolism in the purest way possible.

So what’s your secret behind balancing the acidity of fruits, with the different tastes and textures of some of the vegetables like kale for example, and making it actually taste nice?

I recommend blending a wide variety of vegetables and fruits to get the best results. Different juice combinations not only taste great, but can flush your system of toxins, aid water retention, gain energy and generally improve your chances of fighting off infections for a healthier lifestyle.

We use completely original ingredients, such as collagen, acai berries, pure ginger, nigella seeds and aloe vera to create the best and most unique tastes. The drinks are finally balanced with a dash of Juice Club’s secret ingredient that includes ‘super’ ingredient, pure Moroccan Argan oil.

Finally, I’m quite partial to ginger – the spice not the hair! (No issues with the latter of course.) Tell me the best ginger-based juice that you can do for me.

I would recommend our Hangover Cure juice, made from lemon, ginger, apple and honey. Not only does it taste great, but it will beat any banging headache you have from the night before.

Thank you Dan. Given my line of work, I'll probably need that Hangover Cure sometime soon! Good luck to you.