Tottenham fan - Soldado stick makes me sick!

Here's something sent in by a Tottenham fan.

'I'm amazed at the amount of cr.p Tottenham fans are giving Soldado.

Yes, he hasn't scored enough from open play, but he hasn't been that far away. He gets into good positions, his touches and build-up play are first class, and it's these things that are creating goals / opportunities for others.

Soldado's build up play has been as good, if not better than Ade's the majority of the time. Ade gets a goal and suddenly Soldado is not up to scratch and shouldn't be in the Tottenham team ? Frankly, it makes me sick, and think that Tottenham fans bagging Soldado must have little knowledge of the game. In time he will score. It's not easy coming from the Spanish league, where the game is played so differently - where the technical aspect is much higher, and movement off the ball from all players is better.

Don't forget, Soldado came to Tottenham from Valencia, where players were quicker thinkers with more vision who were able to link up with him much better. They knew his game. It's the Tottenham players who need to play catch-up.

Time and time again throughout this season, I've seen Soldado have to check his runs because some of his Tottenham colleagues haven't had the vision, awareness or quick thinking to get the ball to him when he makes his first movement / run.

Soldado's been at Tottenham just 6-7 months, give him a break! And I challenge Spurs fans to go back through every game (excluding perhaps the Palace game), and count his so called bad touches - you won't find many!

Support our players and our club and stop the Bulls#!t!!!'.

image: © Victor Gutierrez Navarro

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