Amazon's Bezos rescued by Ecuadorian Navy: Reports founder and new Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos was flown from the Galápagos by an Ecuadorian navy helicopter after suffering a kidney stone attack on New Year's day, according to a summary of reports from local newspapers.

The Galápagos Digital website said local media reported Bezos was flown from Academy Bay in Santa Cruz Island, where he was aboard a cruise ship, to his private jet on Baltra Island. He was then taken to the U.S. for emergency treatment. appeared to confirm the main points of the reports. In response to an emailed request for comment by CNBC, a company spokesman replied, "I sent this inquiry to Jeff and here's what he sent back: 'Galapagos: five stars. Kidney stones: zero stars."

That's a reference to the star rating system Amazon customers use in their reviews of products sold by the company.

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image: © Steve Jurvetson