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The richest people on the planet got even richer in 2013, adding $524bn to their collective net worth, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a daily ranking of the world’s 300 wealthiest individuals.

The aggregate net worth of the world’s top billionaires stood at $3.7 trillion at the market close on December 31st, according to the ranking.

The biggest gains came in the technology industry, which soared 28% during the year. Of the 300 people who appeared on the final ranking of 2013, only 70 registered a net loss for the 12-month period.

Here's the top 10 billionaires:

1. Bill Gates - $78.6bn

2. Carlos Slim - $73.8bn

3. Amancio Ortega - $66.4bn

4. Warren Buffett - $60.8bn

5. Ingvar Kamprad - $53.4bn

=6. Charles Koch - $50.2bn

=6. David Koch - $50.2bn

8. Larry Ellison - $47.3bn

9. Christy Walton - $39.0bn

10. Jim Walton - $37.3bn

Bloomberg Visual Data: Billionaires

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