My favourite comments of 2013 - Tottenham and Liverpool fans feature...

Cinnamon Kitchen 2013

HITC writer Jenny Leigh highlights some of her 'favourite' comments from the past year.

As a football writer I’m always grateful for the comments left at the bottom of my articles so as a thanks to all who took the time to join and create dialogue and discussion this year, here are my favourite comments of 2013…

Tottenham aaron lennon98

“If u ever talk about aaron lennon as not good enough again I will find u and rip ur throat out and stick it u ur f***in ass”

This one is my favourite due to the clue in the name that this Tottenham fan may well be around 15 or 16 which makes gives the threat a dimension of comedy. Aw bless.



I like this one because it’s straight to the point. There is something all the more charming about people who use caps lock in this manner and I really appreciate that DIGGER opted to omit the swear word so as not offend anyone. Classy.


“Put your bikini on Jenny and get back in the Kitchen. Football is not for girls”

This one rings true because little does Pete know that I often write my articles in my bikini whilst cooking – it just gets so hot in there sometimes although I must say I prefer a classic onesie myself but each to their own, Pete.

buck rogers

“get a thick girl put some specs on her and she thinks she knows about football”

This is exactly what my boss must have been thinking when I was hired – I don’t actually wear glasses in real life (that is genuinely true) and it seems as though Buck has blown my cover. Glasses really do make you seem less thick, it’s true.

George Freeman

“this is why women shouldn’t comment on football matters…get back in the kitchen dear and do what genetics intended…”

Ah, George, I don’t know a lot about genetics so it’s great to have someone on hand to explain evolution in such succinct terms.


“A woman speaking about Football is just as lame as the pope speaking about sex….”

This one I like for the creative effort and because it does wonders for my ego to be held in such high esteem by Fernando Torres.


“What exactly do you mean by ‘stuck at Liverpool’. One of the biggest clubs in the world love. To put it into language you’d understand. One of the biggest kitchens in the world”

I’ve looked on Google to see if I could find the biggest kitchen in the world and I’ve checked the Guinness book of records too but without seeing it, it’s very hard to understand what Eddie means.

Pete Gill

“Word of advice. Stay away from anything related to football or journalism. It’s just not for you sugar tits”

Another priceless one from Pete again, I actually like the name ‘Sugar Tits’ – it sounds so sweet!

To all of you in the vast majority who made intelligent, perceptive and insightful comments this year I wish you all the best 2014. Happy New Year.

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