Where's the best place for pay - London, Paris, New York, Milan ?

Follow the money ?

Emolument.com has examined salary and bonus data from over 5,275 employees working in Investment Banking & Markets front office roles in London, Paris, New York and Milan.

The findings reveal that:

• Junior bankers in New York make over twice more than their Milan counterparts; the spread then narrows to settle at one and a half at MD level

• London is well ahead of New York in terms of senior banker pay - with a differential of £155,000

• New York seems like the best place to start a career in banking with total comp higher by £20,000 at Analyst level, and £25,000 at Associate level

Key takeaways:

• Start in New York, settle in London, retire in Paris seem to sum up the pay package dynamics: Paris has a lower cost of living than the New York and London, and yet there is only a £15,000 difference between Paris and New York at MD level

• Could London overtake New York as global finance hub ? Looking at the levels of MD packages shows London-based banks are competing hard for managerial talent

Robert Benson, CEO, Emolument.com said, 'Investment banking is a truly global industry with careers often involving moves across continents. From a purely financial viewpoint it would appear that moving west to east (NY – London – Paris) would give the optimal return, and a nice place to settle down in retirement!'.

See below for a detailed breakdown of the data:

Emolument Data Table 01


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