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Who would be the assistant to a bunch of highly-strung, highly-stressed, highly-intelligent, sometimes-arrogant investment bankers ?

Particularly at this moment in time when staff cutbacks mean assistants are expected to juggle multiple taskmasters and bankers themselves are under pressure to do more with less ?

Meet the PAs (personal assistants) and EAs (executive assistants) to the bankers of this world.

eFinancial Careers reports that many are as articulate – if not as highly qualified, as their bosses. Some are also possessed of wisdom beyond their status.

'I never wanted to be a trader,' says Claire Casey*, a PA who spent 20 years working on the trading floors of investment banks across the City of London before moving into the not-for-profit sector earlier this year. 'If you work in trading, it’s short-lived. You start young and you work until you drop. You earn a lot of money and you burn out. I chose my lifestyle before the cash.'

Casey says it’s wrong to pigeon-hole all bankers as arrogant to work for. At worse, they’re more petulant than patronizing – prone to flying off the handle in toddler-style tantrums before returning placidly to their screens. 'You do get the odd prima donna who puffs his chest out, but that’s inevitable on an 800 person floor,' she says. 'The real problem is that they’re so highly strung that they get worked up over stupid things – ‘Where’s my pen ?’ ‘My Blackberry won’t work!’ ‘Why isn’t my meeting room booked ?'. They’ll come over and and throw a tantrum and then it will all be forgotten three minutes later.'

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