10 things you didn’t know about this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Victorias Sectret Catwalk

The fashion show has become the gem in Victoria’s Secret’s crown and the entire fashion world looks forward to this annual event.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Unlike other catwalks, the show has earned a reputation based on its sparkling spectacle, and the carefree nature of its Angels. The Victoria’s Secret lingerie is made to be seen and not hidden and this show’s glitz and glamour really catches everyone’s attention. It’s not only a fashion show but also a big platform for the music industry and supports upcoming dancers and choreographers. It’s so much more than a catwalk; it’s a collection of talents in one stunning, sparkling performance.

10 things you didn’t know about this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

    1. This year’s show is the result of more than nine months’ worth of planning and preparation.

    2. Forty models have been cast to walk in the show; the most models Victoria’s Secret has ever had in its nineteen year history.

    3. Thirty pairs of wings were created to be worn by the angels.

    4. Seventy looks will be sent down the runway.

    5. Twenty-six makeup artists, twenty-two hair stylists, will turn forty supermodels into Victoria’s Secret Angels.

    6. The first Victoria’s Secret fashion show took place at the New York City Plaza Hotel in February, 1995. It was then only viewed by industry experts, compared to today, when more than 185 countries will tune-in to watch this year’s show.

    7. Initially the budget for the fashion show was $120,000. Nowadays it’s grown to $12,000,000.

    8. Ticket prices range from $14,000 to whatever the highest bidder is willing to pay when they are auctioned to make money for charity.

    9. It is the only one-hour network shown on CBS dedicated to a single brand.

    10. Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, A Great Big World and Neon Jungle are this year’s musical guests.

This year’s “Royal Fantasy Bra” is one of the most spectacular pieces ever made, so make sure you tune in on the 10th December in order to be the first to watch it “walking down” the runway during Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013.

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