NFL and NBA coaches net $150,000 in fines for spilled drink and deliberate block

Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Knicks coaches have to pay up.

Gamesmanship is nothing new in sports, with players willing to do anything it takes to give their team an advantage.

Those dirty tricks seem to now have extended to coaches - which tend to look pretty smart if you can get away with them, but these two certainly did not.

In the NBA, under-pressure New York Knicks coach Jason Kidd got creative, by asking a player to bump into him so his drink spilled on court.

The extra time used to clean up the mess allowed his team more time to draw up a potentially match-winning play.

However the Knicks lost, the league cottoned on and the league took a dim view. Kidd was fined $50,000. The most expensive drinks spill of all time?


In the NFL, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin copped a fine for double the amount this week after his Thanksgiving actions.

With rivals Baltimore Ravens running a punt return through Superbowl hero Jacoby Jones, heading for a Touchdown, Tomlin impeded him by standing in the technical area.

Jones diverted his run and was tackled. The Steelers went onto nearly win the game. 

Tomlin maintains he was simply not aware where he was, but his smirk after the play suggests he was deserving of his $100,000 fine.

While the NFL have not made the play viewable on Youtube, here's how it went down: