B-SOHO, Soho


Is it nearly Christmas already? Well, according to John Lewis and countless other retailers it nearly is, so it's no surprise that London bars and restaurants are embracing the yuletide fever.

B-SOHO, the surprisingly hip pizzeria in Soho’s Poland street have upped their cocktail offering with the Mr Claus and Mrs Claus specials hitting their menus from the second week in November. And yes, that’s really what they’ve named them.

The Mr Claus is a whisky-based cocktail infused with sweeter Christmas-sy notes of orange peel and cherry. It’s a bit too ‘whisky’ for my personal taste, but if you have delusions of Don Draper-esque chic (and what London man doesn’t?) this is a good drink for you. The Mrs Claus is a lighter more lady-friendly pomegranate based cocktail. With the very Italian pink vermouth, dashes of ginger ale and a sugary rim, this refreshing cocktail is apparently targeting women, but I actually preferred it to the Mr Claus. It has that big drink feel of a good cocktail, suitably softened by ginger ale.

B-SOHO as a bar is a revelation. Deep leather seating amid hues of red, brown and black give a commercially fashionable look. The fact that the team from ASOS were conducting a fashion shoot there on the day I visited is testimony to its increasing hip factor. Would I visit it just for the Xmas cocktails? Probably not. But as a good central venue with a laid back vibe, and serving great pizza, it's definitely worth consideration when you’re out doing your shopping.

And lets face it. With the festive season kicking in, you’ll be doing plenty of that soon.


21-22 Poland St

London W1F 8QG

United Kingdom

+44 20 7287 1661