German press hail United's win with 'grandpa' Giggs

“Some had a grandpa in their team. Others played like great granddads,” wrote Bild about the Bayer Leverkusen Manchester United game.

Manchester United were highly favoured in last night Champions League group stage game against Bayer Leverkusen. But no one really expected a 0-5 lapse by Bundesliga’s second placed team. It’s not like Leverkusen is a second league club. They have some qualities.

The German club haven’t been defeated at home before this season and held record breaking Bayern Munich to an impressive 1-1 draw. Besides, they have the second best striker in Germany, £11.5m man Stefan Kießling.

That’s why Germany is so shocked that Leverkusen lost last night 0-5.

“Debacle for Bayer Leverkusen” headed Bavarian newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung and continued with honest criticism “catastrophic performance”, “concussive” and a “0-5 master class” for the German team. But they also praised Manchester United’s midfielder Shinji Kagawa, who took his chance and impressed on the pitch.

The conservative daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung thought that Bayer Leverkusen, as opposed to the first leg, had no fear this time but lost because there was “hardly any movement” by Leverkusen’s strikers lead by Stefan Kießling and their performance was “coupled with imprecise passes”. The daily from Frankfurt followed up with a cutting conclusion: It was impressive that the German young guns couldn’t establish themselves in an ageing Manchester United midfield.

As always German tabloid Bild hit the nail right on the head as they wrote: “Some had a grandpa in their team. Others played like great granddads.”

They continued to praise the display by “oldie” Ryan Giggs as he was “psyched up in the middle of the field”. 0-5 is more then bad because Leverkusen was so sure to come up with a win as they raved about their home field advantage before the game. But that didn’t transfer on to the pitch.

image: © tjuel

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