State of the Bundesliga: Can rivals stop it emulating La Liga?

Will the top three Bundesliga clubs dominate the domestic game for years to come?

The return match of last years Champions League clash between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich in Bundesliga last Saturday received interest from all over the world.

“207 of world governing body FIFA’s 209 member nations” broadcasted the match live. A huge achievement.

But the German media was not so thrilled. Sports journalists generally agreed in their fear of so called Spanish situations in German football. Sure, the comparison is flawed however the meaning is obvious. A domination by few, like in La Liga, in which only FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have shots at the title.

In the newest issue of German football magazine kicker Heribert Bruchhagen, manager of mediocre Eintracht Frankfurt expressed his fears that the current top three in the Bundesliga could dominate the domestic game for years to come” by saying: “It's reaching a point where we're realising that the economic differences in the Bundesliga could be endangered.”

But is this fair assessment?

Sure Bayern Munich, sometimes called the Death Star of the South, are the all-time champions with 22 titles, winning the Bundesliga at least every two to three years. But they have been dominant since the early 70s.

Munich’s run this season may only reflect their capacity for this season. The same might be true for their 3-0 win over Borussia Dortmund. Jurgen Klopp’s team is still a contender but is facing a little downfall now due to some crucial injuries. That could change next year.

Looking at the estimated market value of all Bundesliga clubs, Munich is clearly at the top but Borussia Dortmund with £260m, FC Schalke with £160m, Bayer Leverkusen with £120m and VfL Wolfsburg with £98m are in the hunt with Leverkusen and Wolfsburg having multinational company bolstering their future plans.

Maybe the complaints of clubs like Eintracht Frankfurt are more signs of their own failure then their resentments towards Bayern Munich? No one forces them not to keep up with the top-notch sides.

Sure Munich is at the top but a Spanish situation? Not any time soon.

image: © jiazi

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