9 people / groups who may have been involved in assassination of JFK

John F Kennedy In Dallas Motorcade

JFK was assassinated 50 years ago today, and conspiracy theories still abound about who was actually responsible for his death.

Here's a list of 9 people / groups who have been put in the frame:

1. Lee Harvey Oswald, the 'lone nut' assassin

2. The US Military-Industrial Complex, said to be angry that Kennedy has decided to put out 1,000 US advisers from Vietnam

3. Anti-Castro Cubans, said to be miffed over the President's performance in 1961 in connection with the Bay of Pigs

4. Pro-Castro Cubans, who are said to have blamed Kennedy for allegedly authorizing the CIA to try and murder the Cuban leader

5. Rogue elements of the CIA, who are said to have been angry for being blamed by Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs disaster

6. The Mafia, said to have been angry that Kennedy didn't 'look after' them, after they allegedly helped CIA in its attempts to murder Castro

7. A group of Texas businessmen who regarded Kennedy as too 'left-wing', and wanted Vice President Lyndon Johnson in The White House

8. The Soviet government (it was the Cold War)

9. A member of the President's Secret Service detail, who allegedly shot him by accident


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