JPMorgan mocked and taunted by twitter users

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11 tweets the bank probably wished it hadn't received.

JPMorgan was mocked and taunted by Twitter users after asking followers to send questions to an executive using the hashtag #AskJPM.

Bloomberg News reports that the online forum, which the bank cancelled late Wednesday, was intended in part to give college students an opportunity to communicate directly with a senior executive.

'#Badidea! Back to the drawing board', the bank posted less than six hours after its original post, which drew more than 6,000 responses from users in that span, according to social media tracking service Topsy.

Here's 11 tweets the firm the probably wished it hadn't received:

'Can I have my house back?'

'What’s your favorite type of whale?'

'As a young sociopath, how can I succeed in finance?'

'Do you feel bad about systematically undermining democracy? Do you know what fiduciary duty is?'

'Where does #AskJPM fall among your company's smart, sensible business strategies?'

'Do you like puppies? If you had a puppy, what would you name him?'

'What's it like working with Mexican drug cartels? Do they tip?'

'How do you decide who to forclose on? Darts or a computer program?'

'What's the best way to get blood stains out of a clown suit?'

'Which breathe mint did you use to get the bad taste of public opinion out of your mouthes?'

'Is it true that, while you don't always spit on poor people, when you do, you have perfect aim?'

JPMorgan Twitter Hashtag Trends Against Bank

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