Thor Strikes Again

Portman And Hemsworth In Thor

Disney is going all out to promote it's new film Thor: The Dark World - a sequel to the highly successful 2011 film Thor, which stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins and Kat Dennings.

In a very unique promotion, Disney invited fans and members of the press to attend a screening of the film a few weeks ago to, as the press release states 'mark the turning back of the clocks with an exclusive UK fan screening of Thor: The Dark World.' What was unusual about this event was that the film screening started at 1am, (the exact moment the clocks go back an hour). The turning back of the clocks, as the press release went on to say, was to 'mark the return to darkness to the UK.' The event took place in Greenwich (of course), which was a key filming location for the film. Disney has also been heavily promoting this film at sci-fi events around the world, including Comic Con. A new Thor attraction called Treasures of Asgard (in reference to a fictional realm within the Marvel Comics universe) has also just opened at Anaheim's Disneyland.

In case you don't know who or what Thor (Hemsworth) is, he is the Mighty Avenger who battles to save Earth. Evil forces, which include his brother Loki (Hiddleston), attempt to keep him away from his gal Jane Foster (Portman), who is being followed by her gal pal Darcy (Dennings). In The Dark World, Thor attempts to save the universes from enemies, including monsters and soldiers from other universes.

Here is a snippet of what was said at the Thor press conference held at The Dorchester Hotel on October 20th:

Hiddleston: It has been an amazing adventure. The two characters define each other, need each other.

Hemsworth: We are competitive as siblings are. We are actual brothers, one is adopted.

Portman: Jane is in the middle. It was exciting to come back and work with everyone.

Hemsworth: It was good that Natalie was there to break up the testosterone.

Hiddleston: Why do people love Loki over Thor? It is a mixture of playfulness and charm and mischief. He is a broken character. As an actor, it is an interesting thing to inhabit.

Dennings: There is a little bit of improv in the movie.

Producer Kevin Fiege: Humor is the key.

Hemsworth: I am surprised by the amount of humor in the film. However, our wake up call was at 3:00 a.m., I was not a happy elf.

Hiddleston: What is grounding is the family relationship. Father, two sons, 2 brothers.

Portman mentioned at the press conference that her mom keeps a scrapbook of old photos of her from previous movies.

Chris Eccleston (who plays Malekith): What is the point of my story? Vengeance. He is a maniac for vengeance. Dark elves are seeking to turn light into darkness.

Hemsworth: It is to have Thor someone to fight with. Malekith is the main enemy.

Hiddleston: Is Loki really evil? It is something I asked myself three times. Every hero is a villian. To what extent is he redeemable.