Hazard not the first to forget something he shouldn't! - who else?

From cars, to moving house, and losing count. Manchester United, a former Arsenal star and referee all feature…

In light of Eden Hazard being punished for missing training as a result of him forgetting his passport, here are five other incidents where a football figure’s memory has temporarily deserted them. Here are a few incidents which the fans remember, and those involve would rather forget…

Rio Ferdinand drugs test

Probably one of the most high profile incidents of forgetfulness in football, and one of the most costly as Rio Ferdinand missed a drugs test which meant he was ruled out of action for Manchester United for eight months. He was preoccupied by the stressful task of moving house.

Chris Coleman - Now where did I put that passport?

What do you need when you are the manager of an international side? A Passport. What did Chris Coleman lose? A Passport. On the Wednesday before Wales were due to take on Macedonia Skopje, the Wales boss realised he misplaced his passport, meaning he had to link up with the squad a day later than he would have liked.

Jermaine Pennant – Dude, where's my car?

This is probably a reason when some footballers get a bit of a bad reputation, how can you forget you own a Porsche? During the winger’s loan spell with Real Zaragoza, Pennant left it in a train station in the Spanish city for five months. When the club thought it was abandoned, he didn’t even remember owning one.

Graham Poll – how many yellows?

This is perhaps a referee’s worst nightmare but it happened to Graeme Poll during the 2006 World Cup in Germany during Crotia’s 2-2 draw with Australia in Stuttgart. Josip Simunic was given two yellow cards but Poll forgot to send him off, until the end of the game when he gave Simunic a third yellow card, followed by a red.

Robinho – Which club?

‘At the last minute Chelsea made me a great offer, and I ended up accepting it.’ Those were the words of Robinho after he completed his move to the Premier League from Real Madrid. Only he forgot which side he signed for, as he actually ended up playing for Manchester City.

image: © Ben Sutherland

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