Vikings beat Redskins, quarterback controversy continues, and why not more Peterson?

Adrian Peterson, who is also called “All Day”, had just a half day of work in Thursday night's football clash of Washington vs. Minnesota

Washington vs. Minnesota. Robert Griffin III vs. Adrian Peterson. The Thursday night football clash between two of last year’s playoff teams was a game of team with lost opportunities.

After Adrian Peterson's MVP season, where he rushed for 2,097 yards and almost broke the single season rushing record by Eric Dickerson from 1984, Peterson was just shy of 8 yards, the Vikings failed to utilise his skills. How is that even possible? No one knows. Last year every team knew that they will run the ball for the most part of the game, so that can’t be it this year.

And Washington? After QB RGIII suffered a knee injury following a vicious hit by Baltimore Ravens defensive end Haloti Ngata the second year man from Baylor had problems to use his legs as he did last season. Not only his mobility suffered from that but is throwing mechanics too. Not blaming the quarterback, the healing process took just too long, but his head coach for putting him in too early in the season. Washington has a prolific young second string quarterback in Kirk Cousins and a dynamic running attack with whom they won games last year.

When both team faced each other this night one team embraced it’s opportunity. The Minnesota Vikings, but not with Adrian Peterson in control of the offense. The first round pick of 2007, who is also called “All Day”, had just a half day of work. 20 running attempts with only 75 yards is too less for the All-Pro running back though he made some crucial plays: Scoring two TDs and running down the clock in last quarter of the game with Minnesota in the lead, giving Washington too little time for a TDs to extend the game into overtime.

RGIII and his offence started well, had a 14-24 lead in the first half but recorded just three points in the second half.

Washington Linebacker Brian Orakpo said after the game: “We can't let a team like that score that many points. It's totally on us. We were sleepwalking at times.”

The Vikings finished strong with three TDs and two field goals, one 39-yarder and one 40-yarder, by Blair Walsh.

Quarterback Christian Ponder had a decent day with 17/21 for 174 yards and 2 TDs. He injured his shoulder, left the game but was still pumped up after the win, saying:

“We just played the way we were supposed to. We executed like an NFL team is supposed to, especially a 10-6 playoff team like we were last year. We really needed that, to help out with our confidence, and now that's our expectation for the rest of the year.”

Matt Cassel stepped in as Josh Freeman was not active for this game and the QB controversy will continue till next week.

With no real thrower in control for next weeks game against the Seattle Seahawks the Vikings will have no choice but to activate Adrian Peterson for a full workday. Not for nothing is his nickname All-Day.

What do you think of the game?

images: © Mike Morbeck, © xoque