Breakfast at the Shard

The Breakfast Table At The Shard

On the day we were expecting The Storm of the Century, what better way to pass the time than to ascend 31 floors and brave the winds?

The Breakfast Table At The Shard

Just looking out over London on a sunny autumn Sunday makes your heart jump. Our historic city laid out under your eyes in all its glory is truly a sight to behold. Though to see St. Paul's so dwarfed – a tiny version of the giant we know, almost toy town material, makes you think, too. The London Eye is also in full view from Auqa Shard, the newly opened restaurant at The Shard, and it’s like a child’s spinning wheel. Dinky, almost as dinky as the glass teapots presented with full Tea Ceremony paraphernalia English style: a tiny sieve, a refill water pot, but no milk – they are far too cool to serve milk with Earl Grey. Or white sugar – they seemed to begrudge that when asked, and in the end produced three (3!) lumps. Obviously they care about their customers' health.

Our choice of breakfast was excellent. We went whole hog traditional and ordered a full English and an Eggs Benedict. Both arrived swiftly, but of course the fry-up was the uber-chic concoction so common now, all piled up. It's an insult to the good old English, who had everything so nicely arranged on one layer. My Eggs Benedict looked splendid, but distressing was the way it was cooked, really very soft, despite my telling them I like my eggs medium-cooked, but not sodden. And though the tarragon also had had quite a field day, it was all very enjoyable. Who can argue when you're sitting in comfy chairs on top of the world?

Breakfast At The Shard

In London your eyes sweep far and wide, to the City (if you wish), and to all the sights the tourists love to see (and we locals do, too if we’re honest). Is it a coincidence the Egyptian symbol for Life (Ra) is decorating all the furniture? And I can’t resist telling you that this is the only place in town I know off where the men face the view while visiting the loos, and in full view!

I plan to return for cocktails under the glittering sky. Ra Ra!