Today is National Stress Awareness Day

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With today being National Stress Awareness Day, the Bank Workers Charity (BWC) highlights workplace stress factors and solutions.

Stress has been very prominent in the media lately. There was heavy media coverage recently when high profile bankers needed to take leave of work because of exhaustion and stress. Unfortunately, we know that stress doesn’t only affect bank workers and that the media only covers a small percentage of stress related cases.

Giving the important consequences of stress in organisations, workplace wellbeing is becoming a key component in employee engagement strategies. We are pleased to say that an increasing number of organisations are developing wellbeing strategies to decrease the levels of stress and to build employee resilience.

But are organisations doing enough to beat stress ? Our research paper Bank on Your People revealed that a major source of stress was non-work problems such as relationship breakdown, debt and the responsibilities associated with child and elder care. Of course such problems often surface in the workplace affecting employee health and performance. This spill-over frequently occurs in the other direction too, with work pressures biting into personal time and adversely affecting personal relationships.

At the BWC, we offer the advice needed to beat stress before it even shows. In order to do so, organisations need to adopt a preventative approach; an early intervention strategy that allows fast and direct support when the first stress signs appear.

Support systems must also be available for when stress related issues arise. It is essential for struggling workers to receive support from their organisation and many organisations have Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) in place to offer this.

We also offer services for individuals to learn about and deal with stress. With our understanding stress guide we aim to help people understand what stress is, how to recognise the signs, and to find ways to managing it.

Also, thanks to our partner Stress Check LTD, we offer Beating Stress Interactive, an e-learning stress guide which will help you understand, overcome and prevent stress.

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