Apple snitches on privacy and spying

Apple issued a report about global government requests it receives for user and device data and efforts to legally protect consumer privacy.

The multinational computer maker also said it only reports information it is "legally allowed to share" and said it will continue to advocate for greater transparency about the requests it receives.

Apple's report, titled Report on Government Information Requests , reiterates the company's belief that "consumers have a right to understand how their personal information is handled" and explains the company's responsibility to protect its customer privacy.

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According to the report, the company's "main business is not about collecting information."

Leading the world in requests of Apple device information is the U.S. with 3,542. Germany was second with 2,156, followed by Singapore with 1,498 and Australia with 1,178. Rounding out the top five government requests by country was the U.K. with 1,028.

-By Ismaela Best, CNBC.

image: © CJ Sorg