'Dawson only one looking out for Lloris' - Is the UK behind the times with concussion care?

After the incident involving Hugo Lloris and Romelu Lukaku yesterday we ask what more needs to be done for TBI care for footballers in the UK.

Barton Rovers v Sandhurst Park, Reading Sunday League 2013, and it is a cold and windy day - and that is about all I can remember from that day.

Playing for my local team I came rushing off the line to close down an advancing striker, slid through him and my defender - whose knee smashed into the side of my head.

I don’t remember this, in fact I never got the memories back from that day - but what I do know is that I carried on playing.

When I think back I realise that in the state I was in I didn’t have any right to make a decision to stay on the pitch - I should have come off, of that there is no doubt.

Hugo Lloris should have done the same.

You could see the genuine concern on the face of captain Michael Dawson and the Spurs medical team, but in the end they decided to let Lloris, who has subsequently admitted not recalling the incident, decide himself that he was fit to continue.

One person incensed on Twitter was former USA striker Taylor Twellman - a concussion awareness in football campaigner in recent years.

Twellman retired from football at the age of 30 after suffering a series of concussions over the years, which eventually took their toll on his career. If you aren’t squeamish, feel free to watch such an example below…

Here are some of his Tweets…

And he has a point. Lloris is now the third serious head injury this season. Robert Snodgrass was out for the count in the Capital One Cup game against Manchester United, while Mathieu Flamini tried to play on after Alexander Tettey knocked him out - and it is clear that it is not an issue debated or indeed considered enough in domestic football.

On this occasion Lloris has been commended for his bravery, but that was a false pretence - blanketed by a clear state of semi-consciousness.

Twellman has often been criticised for his stance - people saying he wants a nanny state game.

That is not the case, players should play hard, but when things go wrong like they did today - the medical team should have the vote, not the player, not the coach, not even the referee - and the doctors should be more clued up on the dangers of concussion.

I still cannot remember what happened the day I suffered a Lloris-like injury, and it is not the first-time it has happened to me, and that is a risk you take whenever you step out onto a football field, at any level, you could get hurt.

You just hope that when you do the right precautions are in place to keep you safe.

Twellman believes, and I agree, that Lloris was not in any fit state to make that decision by himself and he was let down by those supposed to look after him.

That is a worry and hopefully lessons will be learned.

image: © wjarretc

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