9 glib things line managers say when handing out a bad bonus

Here's 9 glib things line managers say to staff when they are handing out a bad bonus.

1. 'It could have been worse - you could have got nothing!'.

 2. 'At least you got more than I did'.

 3. 'It will be better next year, I promise'.

 4. 'You got the best bonus of anyone in the team'.

 5. 'There's nothing I can do about it, so it's no use complaining'.

 6. 'At least you still have a job!'.

 7. 'It's been a tough year, and someone had to miss out. We knew you'd understand'.

 8. 'Don't take it personally'.

 9. 'Once we paid out everyone else, there wasn't really much left over. Sorry'.

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