VIDEO: Six of the best plays in NFL history

With this NFL season of the NFL producing so many spectacular plays we thought we’d look at some of the most outstanding plays from down the years.

Some are more recent than others but all of them are quite brilliant. Sit back and enjoy as we roll back the years.

Marshawn Lynch v Saints

This was one of the greatest runs in NFL history and those who witnessed it could scarcely believe that Lynch managed to fight his way into the endzone. It helped put a seal on a big playoff upset. New Orleans were defending Super Bowl champion and Seattle had become the first team ever to qualify for the playoffs with a losing record. Despite it being in Seattle, due to the Seahawks division win, it was expected that the Saints wouldn’t be stopped. On a night of surprises and drama this play just added to that.

DeSean Jackson 65 yard punt return TD v Giants

Desean Jackson is one of the most dangerous return men in the game today so it defies belief that the Giants punted the ball to Jackson and gave him a chance of a return instead of punting it out of bounds and settling for overtime. With 12 seconds left his TD return was the NFL’s equivalent of a walk off hit. The Giants had no chance to respond. This capped off an incredible comeback for the Eagles after they had been down 14 points with 5 minutes to play in the game.

Music City Miracle

I have seen many attempts at last ditch lateral plays at the end of games when a team is trailing but doesn’t have enough time to put together a scoring drive. It usually ends up with quite a bit of excitement before the opposition decides to tackle them and end the game. This is example however, dubbed the Music City Miracle, worked out perfectly. The Buffalo Bills special teams was completely confused by a bit of trickery that left the Titans player with a clear lane to the endzone. What was worse for the Bills was that it occurred in the playoffs so they couldn’t even make up for that mistake in the next game!

David Tyree Super Bowl 42 helmet catch v Patriots

One of the more memorable plays of recent Super Bowls and one that probably would have decided the destination of the Lombardi Trophy on that February evening in Arizona. It was a 3rd and 5 play with just over a minute left with the Giants needing a touchdown to take the lead and win the game. Eli Manning looked as though he was going to be sacked but managed to wriggle free of the defenders and heave the ball down field. Tyree then made a spectacular play by trapping the ball against his helmet with defenders draped all over him. The rest, as they say, is history. The 1972 Miami Dolphins breathed a sigh of relief.

Saints miracle Hail Mary

Hail Mary plays are often talked about but never successfully completed unless there is a catastrophic defensive mistake to allow a score but this play from the Saints was a combination of both. Incredible improvisation by the New Orleans offense pulled the Jaguars defense one way then the other, this opened up one side of the field for the Saints player to run into the endzone. For a few seconds this turned into a rugby match with all the backwards passes. The full seven points would have tied the game but sadly the Saints kicker missed the extra point and Jacksonville won 20-19.

Randall Cunningham 95-yard TD pass

Cunningham was one of the most athletic and elusive quarterbacks of his era and not to mention a very strong arm. He managed to avoid the safety in the endzone and threw the ball nearly 70 yards where his receiver Frank Barnett grabbed the ball and took it on for a touchdown. An incredible and improbable play that will live long in the memory of both Eagles fans and NFL fans. Even with these heroics Philadelphia couldn’t avoid losing to the Buffalo Bills.

images: © PDA.POTO, © Ted Kerwin