Five strikers Arsenal should steer clear of in January

Luis Suarez Bite

It’s the worst kept secret in English football that Arsenal have only one striker at present in the form of Olivier Giroud.

Whilst a number of publications are busy linking the Gunners with possible transfer targets, there are some they would do best to avoid in January…

1) Luis Suarez

The last thing Arsenal need is this guy. Not now – not after what happened this summer, not after what happened last season and not whilst everything is going swimmingly for them so far this season.

Yes, Suarez is a fantastic player but he’s also a big baby and he’s liable to throw his toys out the pram at any point, wherever he is, as he’s shown wherever he’s been. Arsenal have a steady ship at the moment and Suarez just loves to rock the boat.

He wants to go to Madrid anyway so Arsenal would just be a stepping-stone and the Gunners can do better than that. They’ve had enough disloyalty already and they’ve gotten rid of their bad eggs so the last thing they need to do is waste their time haggling with Liverpool over theirs.

2) Wayne Rooney

Similarly, the England number 10 is a big baby – he’s always posturing over his contract, he’s not always consistent, he’s expensive because you pay a premium for English players here, and there’s no way Manchester United would sell him to Arsenal (especially now they’ve got Mesut Ozil).

This would just be another deal that ends up being a waste of time and, in all likelihood, a waste of a lot of money, it would cause a media circus and unsettle the calm that currently resides at the Emirates and in the dressing room and that’s even before it goes through.

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3) Demba Ba

Arsenal tried to complete a deadline day loan move for Chelsea’s January signing this year but Jose Mourinho blocked it then and I suspect he’d block it again – he said himself Ozil makes Arsenal title contenders and he’s not wrong, judging by their start to the season.

Even if Chelsea don’t really need or want him, they won’t let him go to the Emirates and, even in the unlikely even they were smoking something weird over there at Stamford Bridge, he’s not in form, he’s got a dodgy fitness record and he wouldn’t offer a better option from Giroud or even a particularly different option.

He’d be a completely redundant signing in the long run and a temporary quick fix for cover, which, as we’ve seen with the likes of Andre Santos and Park Chu-Young, it makes Arsenal a rod for their own backs in the long run.

4) Robert Lewandowski

For similar reasons to Suarez and Rooney, the Polish frontman would be an unwise choice – he really wants to go to Bayern Munich and the manner in which he’s handled himself over his contract and proposed move there has been pretty unpleasant.

He’s a very talented striker, one of the best in Europe, but he’s been disloyal, disingenuous and, overall, quite ruthless in trying to engineer his own departure from a club that’s helped him make his name and placed great faith and trust in him – sound familiar? Exactly.

5) Mario Balotelli

I don’t think this one which has been suggested recently requires much explanation. Mario Balotelli is a pain in the backside, frankly. He’s a pain in his manager’s backside (whoever they are), he’s a pain in his teammates’ backsides (again, whoever they are) and he’s a pain in his own backside (wherever he parks it).

He’s got ability but it’s counteracted by his indiscipline, immaturity, attitude, and behaviour both on and off the pitch. Even a man with as much patience as Arsene Wenger would end up throttling him eventually (as Roberto Mancini did at Manchester City) and I think even Ghandi might be tempted to, to be perfectly honest.

Even left in a room completely alone, Balotelli would end up fighting with himself and he would end up losing either way. He’s overrated, underproductive and his attitude stinks. He is, wherever he goes, a sideshow for all the wrong reasons.

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