What can be done about the serious injuries in the NFL?

The 2013 NFL season is on track to be remembered as the year of the injury, there have been so many season ending and possibly career-ending injuries that you start to lose count.

This week alone has been a dark week for lots of NFL players; Reggie Wayne and Sam Bradford tore their ACLs whilst Brian Cushing reinjured the leg he damaged last season.

A couple of weeks ago Vince Wilfork tore his Achilles tendon and Clay Matthews suffered an odd fracture of his thumb that could keep him out for a few months.

Why are all these injuries occurring? Well it can’t be the training and fitness regimes used by each team because they have never been more advanced in the history of the sport.

Is it the artificial surfaces a lot of teams play on? I don’t think it is because these typed of pitches have been used for well over a decade.

I have the feeling that in today’s NFL the level of play is so high that players are pushing their bodies to the limit and sometimes beyond in order to be successful.

This type of exertion puts an incredible strain on the body and these type of ligament injuries would be quite common with a player stretched to the limit his body can handle.

Obviously not all these injuries are caused by this, the NFL must act quickly to outlaw blocks to the knee and below. So many injuries are caused by these low hits that often take the player by surprise adding to the seriousness of the damage.

It will be ridiculous to suggest that you would be able to cut out all injuries, after all injuries are a part of all sport. Thought of course it is something to be concerned about as the season moves forward.

image: © David Reber Hammer Photography