Will QB Josh Freeman lead the Vikings to victory over the Giants?

The 0-6 New York Giants will face the 1-4 Minnesota Vikings with new QB Freeman on Monday night football.

The new no. 12 for the Minnesota Vikings, also an elusive and dynamic runner, has similar physical abilities like the former no. 12.

Obviously the new Vikings no. 12, former first round draft pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Josh Freeman is not a pass catcher like former Minnesota Vikings first round draft pick Percy Harvin, who is now with Seattle Seahawks, but a pass thrower.

Leaving all his trouble behind him in Tampa, Freeman found a new home in the north and sure is happy about it.

In his first start as a Viking the 25-year-old QB could rely heavily on the established run-game by All-Pro Adrian Peterson. But make no mistake coaches want to see Freeman throw the ball at least sometimes. And the fact that it won’t be a completely new playbook for him, because Vikings offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave had ties to Freeman’s college coach Ron Prince at Kansas State, supports that theory.

“I’ve had a quite of work in this offence […]. It’s been a great deal,” Freeman said last Friday on the Dan Patrick Show. I will be interesting to see if he could get back to his college remembrance quickly.

In the recent interview Freeman continued to praise running back Adrian Peterson: “He is an unbelievable player. I’m here to complement him.”

The winless New York Giants couldn’t be a better mirror images of the Minnesota Vikings. Superb run game and no run game at all.

Power back Brandon Jacobs, who recently got signed and brought back some toughness and balance to the Giants offence, is questionable with a hamstring injury for tonight’s game.

The backfield with last weeks signing of Peyton Hillis, who rushed for 1.177 yards in 2010 but fell apart the year afterwards, and late September singing fullback John “The Terminator” Conner looks like a mix up of players, who couldn’t establish themselves elsewhere. But they have huge potential … and huge biceps. Maybe they are able to fix the balance and toughness problem at the Giants.

Tonight’s game is must-win for both team. Let’s hope it will show on the field.


What do you think? Who will win tonight?

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