Broncos at Colts: Five things we learned from Sunday Night Football

Last night’s game between the Broncos and the Colts told us a lot of things about both teams and how their seasons will pan out.

The Colts got one over on their old quarterback Peyton Manning and moved to 5-2 on the season.

Here are five things we learned:

Peyton Manning is still adored in Indianapolis

Judging by Peyton Manning’s reception when he entered the field last night he is still loved by the Indianapolis faithful in Lucas Oil Stadium. He did so much for this organisation during his time at the club so it is not so surprising to see this reaction. Once the game started, however, they were loud and aggressive giving Manning and his offense a difficult time communicating.

The Colts can be dangerous in the playoffs if they can keep this form up

Indianapolis sits at 5-2 and look set to run away with the AFC south and book themselves a home playoff spot. If they do keep this form up and they get into the playoffs then this young team can cause a lot of problems for the other playoff teams.

Von Miller needs games before he is back to his best

Denver got a key defensive playmaker back from suspension last night but Von Miller didn’t look completely up to speed, understandable for a player that has sat out the first six games of the season without the opportunity to train with the team. Once he is back to full fitness he will be a massive difference make for the Broncos defence for the rest of the season.

Denver must protect Manning much better than last night

Manning was constantly under pressure last night and he wasn’t able to get his throws off with the precision he has for the first six weeks of the season. If they can keep the defence away from Manning then he will be able to pick apart any team in the NFL, if not then they can expect to lose a few more games this year. This is even more crucial after his injury he suffered a few years ago they’ve got to be concerned about one hit taking him out of the game.

Andrew Luck is the best young quarterback in the league

There’s been a debate all season but I think this one can be put to bed, Andrew Luck is the best young quarterback in the NFL and maybe even one of the best of all the QBs. The poise he shows in the pocket and his decision-making are of a QB that has been in the league a decade but no he is only in his second year. The scary thing is he will only get better and better, NFL defences beware!

image: © hyku