Why Manchester United legend is hated in Germany

German fans hate Cristiano Ronaldo, but their deep-rooted and dense prejudices could come to an end.

He plays football on a very high level, he is fast with superb dribbling skills. He earns a fortune and is good looking, too. The fact that women all over the world adore him doesn’t make it much better. He's cold, cool and sometimes most unapproachable but, probably a consequence of all the hate he received, ironically leads to more hate.

No matter how successful he might be, German fans still hate Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo? The Manchester United legend? The most decorated player of this era, who led the Red Devils to prosperity? It’s interesting that perception can differ that much. Why Germans think that way might stay unknown, but it fits their profile. Ronaldo gets all the blame in the same way Franck Ribery and Lukas Podolski gets all the love. That might not be right but that’s how it is.

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Arsenal’s Podolski and Munich’s Ribery aren’t only valued by their performance on the field but also by their personality, or what people think their might personality be. Recently Ribery was fouled. Instead of rolling around in fake pain, he got up on his feet ready to fight the guy, who brought him to the ground. German fans just adore the blue-collar man, the guy who you want to drink a beer with, the guy who still gets into a fight although he is rich and famous.

However these deep-rooted and dense prejudices regarding Cristiano Ronaldo may have come to an end mainly because of some recent events.

First Ronaldo’s comment’s about the departure of Ozil didn’t fit the bill of the hated superstar. It was a shout-out which showed great character by criticising management and praising Ozil. The Independent reported that Ronaldo was angry about Ozil's move to Arsenal.

'The sale of Ozil is very bad news for me. He was the player who best knew my moves in front of goal… I'm angry about Ozil leaving,' Ronaldo was quoted to have said.

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And now there is this letter. It could have been a PR-driven action, but either way it is pretty unselfish.

In a game between Real Madrid and FC Chelsea in Miami, USA a fan ran onto the field to hug the former Red Devil. It was clearly a act of admiration and not of anger and fans were cheering, nevertheless the 20-year-old fan will face charges which could ultimately lead to de-registration at college and deportation to his home country Albania. So Ronaldo wrote a letter to the judge in Miami asking for leniency for his fan.

'I would hate to see him face criminal charges for his mistake,' Ronaldo wrote in the letter he personally signed.

After all is said and done, the time is now for German football fans to reconsider their feelings about Cristiano Ronaldo.

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image: © Paolo Camera

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