Tom Brady leads victory march, Luck gets tricky - Top five plays of week 6

6 weeks are in the history books and it served up yet more fantastic plays. Some more incredible than others and some down right bizarre. Sit back and enjoy the best of week 6

Patriots game winning drive v Saints

Instead of just a play I am putting an entire drive in this list, Tom Brady’s game winning drive against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. Everyone thought the game was over when Brady was picked off with just over two minutes left in the game but the Saints couldn’t put the game to bed and gave Brady the chance to win it in the last seconds, which is a bad idea against one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.

Andrew Luck’s flea-flicker

It’s not a scoring play but it is always nice to see the flea-flicker play run in the NFL, the quarterback hands the ball off to the running back who then turns and ‘flicks’ the ball back to the QB who passes it down field. It is designed to trick the defense and it’s exactly what it did as Andrew Luck found a wide-open Reggie Wayne. One of the few highlights in the Colts loss to the Chargers

AJ Green’s spectacular TD catch v Buffalo

Green is known for his incredibly athletic catches and Sunday was no different as he reeled in an Andy Dalton pass in the endzone in the Bengals win against the Bills. I’m not sure the defensive back has worked out how Green beat him to catch the ball and then land in bounds for the touchdown, either way it was a great play and one we may be seeing quite often for the rest of the season.

Packers block punt but Ravens get a first down

One of the strangest plays of the weekend, if not in the history in the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens were punting the ball away on 4th down but the Packers got pressure and blocked the kick, however the ball still travelled forward and crucially past the first down line. This is where John Kuhn tried and failed to pick up the ball, this meant it was live and anybody could get possession which is exactly what the Ravens did. I doubt that John Harbaugh can claim he drew the play up that way.

Dwayne Harris 86-yard punt return v Redskins

There’s always room for a kick return in this list and week 6 was no different. In the big NFC east game on Sunday Night Football between the Redskins and the Cowboys produced a few long kick returns. Cowboys’ returner Dwayne Harris took a Washington punt back for six; this really put Dallas in charge of the game, which for a while was very close. Harris also had a long kickoff return that nearly ended in another touchdown.


image: © Jeffrey Beall