Can the Green Bay Packers overcome injuries to be successful?

The Green Bay Packers have one of the best quarterbacks around in Aaron Rodgers and they should be in the mix for the Super Bowl.

Sadly at the minute they are in danger of missing out on that due to a number of injuries to key players. It’s all well and good having a world-class quarterback but if he doesn’t have anyone to throw to then he can’t really play his natural game.

Their defensive captain Clay Matthews went down last week with a fractured thumb will keep him out of action for a number of weeks; he is a massive loss for the Packers defence.

So much they do is because of his presence in the lineup and his injury will impact that group massively. If they are leaking points at one end, it only serves to put more pressure on the quarterback.

To add to this, wide receivers James Jones and Randall Cobb both left the game on Sunday with what looked like serious injuries. This leaves Jordy Nelson as the only experienced receiver for Rodgers to target.

It is damaging for a offensively orientated team and it will be crucial they find a way to overcome this otherwise opposition defences will take advantage of these weaknesses.

I’m sure they will be working very hard to replace these players suitably and if there is any quarterback that can make something out of nothing it would be Aaron Rodgers, he has a difficult situation on his hands over the next few weeks but one I’m sure he can thrive in.

With big divisional match ups against the Bears and Vikings over the next three weeks it is vital they can overcome these injuries otherwise they could find themselves left behind in the NFC North race.

image: © Joe Bielawa