Five things we have learned from Week 6 of the NFL

The New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Giants, and Washington Redskins feature.

Week 6 was interesting for many reasons. There were some good performances and some not so good, here are some things we learned from the weekend's games.

Tom Brady is still a clutch performer

Even in his advancing years as an NFL quarterback Tom Brady still performs when it really matters. Down 4 with less than two minutes left in the game there is no better player to call on than Brady. He has made his name as a clutch performer throughout his career, especially in the playoffs and Super Bowl. The Saints will be regretting leaving so much time left on the clock, it was way too much time to allow Brady to work his magic. It’s a testament to him that the Patriots are 5-1.

Steelers are back on track

After an 0-4 start the Pittsburgh Steelers got back on track at MetLife Stadium on Sunday as they beat the New York Jets 19-6. The defense looked as good as ever and Ben Roethlisberger finally found some rhythm on offense. Pittsburgh were looking like an improved team when they came to London a few weeks ago but it took until week 6 to get their first win on the board. Don’t be surprised if they go on a winning run from now on.

The biggest blowout in NFL history turned into a competitive affair

When Jacksonville took to the field in Denver to take on the Broncos they were the biggest underdogs in NFL history, no one was expecting them to get anywhere near Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Some were even predicting a 40-point differential.

This wasn’t the case and in fact Jacksonville did themselves proud as they stayed with Denver until the 4th quarter when two touchdowns broke their resolve. Not only did they intercept Manning and take it back for six points but they only trailed by two at halftime. In all honesty the Jaguars gave Denver more of a game than a few of their other opponents.

Eli Manning is not being helped by his receivers

A lot of criticism has been poured on Eli Manning for his performances this season and for good reason as he has been throwing interceptions left right and centre. It’s not all his fault though; on Thursday Night Football against the Bears Manning was intercepted twice in the opening quarter, one was returned for a touchdown.

On both occasions his receivers failed to come back for the ball allowing the defensive backs to jump the route and pick off the ball. It must be said that Manning looked very good after these opening throws and looked to be getting back to his best. The Giants will hope so as they are now 0-6.

RGIII looks to be getting back to full fitness

After Robert Griffin III’s knee injury last year we thought we might not see him until later this season but his powers of recovery are as strong as his throwing arm. Despite coming back early he has been visibly limited by his knee in the first few weeks of the season.

In the Redskins’ loss to Dallas on Sunday night he looked to have his burst back again on multiple occasions he ran with the ball showing the speed that made him such a success last season. We hadn’t seen that kind of explosion so far this season and his knee is clearly getting stronger by the week. Good news for Washington and the league as a whole.

images: © Keith Allison, © steelcityhobbies