Despite loss Jacksonville put together first positive of 2013 season

Jaguars Stadium

Before the Jacksonville Jaguars played the Denver Broncos yesterday they were the biggest underdogs in NFL history.

Bookmakers expected them to lose by at least 27 points, a figure unheard of in any NFL game ever.

In the end they did lose the game but only by a score of 35-19 and for a large part of the contest they were within one score, Denver pulled away in the 4th quarter but they will know they were in a battle to keep their unbeaten run going.

The Jaguars threw everything they had at Denver but it wasn’t enough but fans of the Jags can be encouraged by the performance, which bodes well for the rest of the season. Maybe we won’t be seeing another 0-16 season just yet.

What was clear to see was that Jacksonville have a superstar wide receiver in Justin Blackmon and his performances since returning from suspension has been nothing short of spectacular.

He had 14 catches for 190 yards at Mile High Stadium adding to the 136 yards he racked up against the Rams a week ago.

If Jacksonville can get themselves a franchise quarterback in the next draft then they could really have something promising for the future.

Former Dallas coach and FOX Sports analyst Jimmy Johnson gave a pep talk to the Jaguars before the game and it looks like the players watched it beforehand. If you didn’t see it you can watch the video below.

Now by no means am I saying that the Jaguars will have a good run for the rest of the season but I am saying that they are better than most people thought they were.

It was great to see the team fight for every play instead of just rolling over and letting Denver have their way, Jacksonville can certainly count this as a small victory and now is the time to build in this performance.

image: © craigoneal