After six weeks the NFL playoff picture starts to take shape

With six NFL Sunday’s in the books it is a good time to look at the playoff picture for the first time this season.

You may say it is too early to think about playoff football but in truth most of the teams will be thinking about it and six games are enough to figure out who may figure in January.

For instance if the season finished today the undefeated Denver Broncos would the AFC’s 5th seed and would be facing a trip to Cincinnati to face the Andy Dalton and the Bengals.

The Chiefs and Broncos are both 6-0 to start the season this is the first time this is the first time two teams in the same division have started 6-0 since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970.

We could very well see a team with a very strong record miss out on a divisional title and have to go on the road against a team with a lesser record.

Last season’s worst team, Kansas City Chiefs, would be top seed with home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Over in the NFC the 49ers would have to travel to Dallas to face the Cowboys in the wild card round.

We can’t take too much from this yet but as the weeks go on we will see the playoff seedings firm up.

What we can say for sure is that the winless teams (Giants, Jaguars and Buccaneers) have no hope of getting a playoff berth unless they can put together a high unlikely string of victories.

It’s always fun to try and speculate what type of match ups we might see when January comes around.

image: © pleeker