Big Brother star Ojuederie set for ring return

Former 2013 Big Brother contestant Daley ‘Star’ Ojuederie hopes to put the past behind him as he prepares for his ring return at the York Hall next month after teaming up with Goodwin Promotions.

The Notting Hill super-middleweight now trained by Finchley-based Don Charles, will fight on the ‘Night of the Heavyweights’ bill on November 16 against Croydon’s Joe Walsh, after signing a three-year deal with promoter Stephen Goodwin.

Ojuederie, earned notoriety after being removed from the Big Brother house following a spat with Irish model Hazel O’Sullivan, but he insists he is better for the experience as he looks to kick-start his boxing career.

'Being in the Big Brother house was a good experience and I enjoyed it', said Ojuederie. 'When I came out I thought ‘Oh my god, what’s going to happen to me now ?’ But it’s been the total opposite.

'I’ve gone forwards instead of backwards and now it’s onwards and upwards for my boxing career.

'Don Charles has taken me on and we’ve had one fight so far. We won that, so we are just looking for the next one now'.

It’s been an arduous journey for Ojuederie who is undefeated in four professional contests and the west-Londoner suggested boxing has given his life some much needed direction.

'My older brother’s a boxer', he said. 'Watching him made me want to do it and I ended up getting good at it. I’ve been boxing for 10 years now but I’ve been in and out of foster homes my whole life.

'I never grew up with my family or my parents so it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. Even though I’m a talented boxer, I’ve never been stable enough to actually give it 100%. But my life’s stable now, I’m an undefeated professional and now I can give it everything that I can'.

Ojuederie hopes to carve out a long successful career in boxing and says he hopes his story can inspire children growing up in social care as well as foster parents.

'I know that all the stuff that I went through in the care system, some of it good but a lot of it really really really bad', he said.

'I just want to bring awareness to foster parents that are looking after foster children that have been through the same stuff as me because some of them, they don’t realise what a child goes through in care.

'I’ve been there and done it through the care system so I just want to give something back.

'I want to show all the young people growing up without parents that they shouldn’t use that as an excuse to go down the wrong road and do something bad.

'I reckon I could be a role model because I’ve been there and done it and my message to young people is do something positive with your life'.

He added: 'Instead of going and using my upbringing as an excuse to be a criminal or sell drugs or whatever, I just tried to use it in a positive way.

'Boxing has helped me channel all my anger and frustration into something positive. Boxing has kept me on the straight and narrow'.

For more information and to purchase tickets for ‘Night of the Heavyweights’ on November 16 visit here

image: © KWDesigns