How far can Geno Smith take the New York Jets?

There was no questioning Geno Smith’s performance on Monday night against Falcons, he was superb and led the Jets to a big upset.

Many people are asking how far he can take this Jets team? Well we have to manage expectations and not get ahead or ourselves because New York face a tough schedule for the rest of the season, matches against New Orleans, New England and Pittsburgh will truly test the abilities of Smith.

I think it is way to early to be talking about the playoffs but with the Jets defence playing as well as it is anything is possible. You can be sure with the quality they have on defence they will be in with a shout in most games.

Jets fans will be holding back on praising Smith too highly after what happened to Mark Sanchez after his first two seasons but the signs are promising, he showed a great range of passing and decision making in a hostile Georgia Dome, where the fans get very loud.

Before the season started I saw quite a few NFL pundits pick the Jets to get the number one pick in next year’s draft, meaning they would hold the worst record in the league.

After seeing all of this I think it would be great if New York can sneak a winning season but an 8-8 record would be very respectable after what has happened the previous two seasons.

I think it would be wrong to judge Geno Smith after only five games but at the end of the season I have a feeling we will know what type of QB he will be in the future. There’s no doubt he has shown all the signs that he can be great in that position.

He may not take them far this year but with experience and playing time the New York Jets may very well be competing in the playoffs in the next few years. As a Jets fan I sincerely hope we will be calling him ‘Broadway Geno’ for years to come.

image: © Zennie Abraham