Five facts about South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney

Jamie Allen takes a look at the best prospects coming out of college football this season.

We are looking at the best defensive prospect that will enter next season's draft and suggest where he may end up when the draft finishes next May.

In today's pass happy NFL it is very important to sack the quarterback and putt him under pressure at every possible moment in the game, Clowney will be able to do this because with his talent he can be a great player in the NFL.

1) Born February 14, 1993 in Rock Hill, South Carolina

2) A unanimous College All-American as a sophomore in 2012, Clowney set South Carolina school records in quarterback sackes (13.0) and tackles for a loss (23.5) per season, also earning him Defensive Player of the Year honors in the Southeastern Conference

3) Already 6-3 and 200 lbs as a freshman in 2007, he played running back and defensive end for the school's junior varsity team. For his sophomore year he joined rising seniors Stephon Gillmore and DeVonte Holloman (both four-star recruits) on a South Pointe varsity that came off a 9–4 season. By spring practice, Clowney became a permanent fixture at defensive end.

4) As early as January 2013, Clowney was projected as a top-3 selection in the 2014 NFL Draft. "Clowney's a rare talent, basically to the defensive end spot what Andrew Luck and RG3 were to the quarterback position," said ESPN analyst Mel Kiper Jr.

5) Heisman Trophy candidate after finishing sixth for the award in 2012, considered the best returning defensive player in the country

Jadeveon Clowney is considered the best prospect to enter the 2014 NFL draft and he will cause problems for any defence in the NFL.

I think he could end up at the Oakland Raiders or the Washington Redskins, both are in need of a defensive playmaker. He should go with the second overall pick so expect the Redskins or Raiders to trade up into that spot if they want to get their man, or if the Steelers continue their woes - Pittsburgh could end up the place for him.

Predicted destination: Oakland Raiders

Below are some highlights of Clowney's college career:

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