Press Start: Microsoft calms fears over Xbox One advertising, PS4 pre-order controversy and more

Ps4 And Xbox One

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Microsoft moves to calm fear over Xbox One advertising |

It's seems the advertising industry is more excited about the data-mining prospects of the Xbox One hardware than Microsft would like it to be:

Over the weekend AdAge published a report based on a speech from Yusuf Mehdi, corporate VP marketing and strategy for Microsoft, delivered at the Association of National Advertisers Masters of Marketing Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, titled, "Xbox One's Data Treasure Trove Could Reshape Marketing." The report suggested Microsoft could use the likes of Kinect and Xbox One's online functionality to help marketers create more effective advertising placed within the console's dashboard.

Overnight Microsoft denied the report. Spokesperson Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb tweeted: "We are seeking a correction to the AdAge story that quotes Yusuf," before pointing to an AllThingsD report that sought to clarify the matter.

Although, of course, this talk of user data and the analysis of player behaviours does reflect a report from game site Sticktwiddlers earlier this year, in which a reporter was allegedly told by a Microsoft employee that the Xbox One dashboard was designed to have, "advertising in mind."

Of course, adverts were always going to be a part of the UI 'experience' with next-gen machines, but exactly how manufacturers use player data to augment that is going to be an interesting battleground. Of course, with our computers, we're conditioned to accept targeted ads based our own website searches. But on a games console?

PS4 pre-orders held for ransom by online retailer | CVG

Allegations of rather unfair manipulation in the next-gen pre-order market:

Since October 3, SimplyGames has sent emails to customers who pre-ordered PlayStation 4 consoles stating they must upgrade their purchase in order to retain their allocated unit.

According to games website PixelEnemy, the online store is also guaranteeing a system on launch day if two or more standalone consoles are purchased. Those who ordered the basic £350 unit, however, will lose their place in the queue unless they upgrade.

According to CVG SimplyGames isn't responding to requests for a comment and sony is distancing itself from retailer-assembled bundles that force unwanted extras on desperate fans

PlayStation 5 probably won't be console, it'll be a cloud service, says Tekken's Harada

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has been telling Famitsu magazine about his theories on PlayStation 5. Yes, PlayStation 5:

Translated by DualShockers, the article saw Harada laying down his vision of what the next-next PlayStation might be.

He said, "I think in the future things will be played on the service, rather than on the hardware. The Cloud is often mentioned, and if cloud services progress, the time when only the name of the service will remain will come some day.

"The PS5 Probably Won't Have a main console, but just the screen and controller. So what remains will be just the name of the service. It could be named just "PlayStation network". Steam is defined a platform, but it's not a hardware platform. It's the name of the service."

That's pretty much where all hardware is likely to go though, right? The box is dead.

Sony's $1000 3D viewer up for preorder |

Sony has a new version of its twin-OLED head-mounted display unit:

Sony's all-new $1000 HMZ-T3W wearable display is now available for preorder from the Sony Store, the PlayStation maker has announced. The new model is the third iteration of the head-mounted display technology first introduced early last year.

For gamers, the HMZ-T3W features a "Game mode." Through the press of a single button, contrast is boosted to "enhance" shape details.

"It's the perfect way to enjoy favorite titles, from fast paced shooters to tire-burning racing. Plus, there is no fumbling for the right keys or buttons in mid-game--the ergonomic visor-style headset gives an unobstructed 'look-down' view of your keyboard or controller while you play," Sony said.

We'll wait until it's bundled with PS4.

Bulletstorm's Energy Leash, a signature weapon that broke a host of FPS rules – and worked | Edge Online

Edge speaks to Bulletstorm creative director, Adrian Chmielarz, about the cult shooter's brilliant energy leash feature:

"It was very counterintuitive to us to offer such a powerful weapon, that can basically grab every single enemy in the game and expose them. To give that to the player, for free, with no limits – during testing we were like, 'Dude, no, it's too powerful, the range is too high. I can just abuse it!' We tried to stop it, actually. We were going to overheat the leash if you were using it too often. We were going to have munitions. But we realised that when it was unlimited, the game was just an insane amount of fun. On the surface completely wrong, like unlimited ammo for a gun. But it worked!"

It certainly did. If you haven't played Bulletstorm, just buy it and realise how joyless and dull most shooters are in comparison.

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