NFL: Five things we learned from week 5

The New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks feature.

The fifth week of the NFL season is complete and there was a lot to be learned this week. Here are a few things that we noticed from over the weekend.

Defences are a thing of the past

We know that the current NFL is a passing league and one that is heavily offense orientated but Sunday nights’ Denver-Dallas game was really something we haven’t seen for a long time.

There is offense and then there’s what Manning and Romo put together at AT&T Stadium, it was an incredibly entertaining and exciting game to watch but both defensive coordinators must have been fearing for their jobs after giving up a combined 99 points.

Cowboys will be encouraged despite the loss, putting up this many yards and so many points will win them most ball games.

Geno Smith and the Jets are proving people wrong

Who predicted the Jets would be sitting at 3-2 having just beaten the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome? I would expect not many of you, Rex Ryan’s men have played the underdog role very well this season and Geno Smith is starting to grow as an NFL QB. His performance against the Falcons was almost flawless and the Jets can be happy with him going forward.

The Chiefs won’t back down

The Kansas City Chiefs are 5-0; yes that’s right just a year after winning just two games the Chiefs are keeping pace with the Denver Broncos.

Andy Reid has instilled a winning mentality into a group of already very talented players seemingly playing without any real direction under previous management.

Reid won’t have liked the way it ended in Philadelphia but he is now proving his worth in the mid west at Kansas City. This team will not back down for anyone.

Tom Brady needs some help

I said a few weeks ago that Tom Brady needed some help because he wasn’t going to be able to carry the Patriots on his own. He has showed his class in leading them to a 4-0 start but they came unstuck against the Bengals on Sunday.

Dropped passes from receivers plagued their offense and they couldn’t get any kind of rhythm going. Brady will need Rob Gronkowski back from injury quickly especially as they play the red-hot New Orleans Saints this weekend.

The Seahawks are not invincible

There was lots of talk before this weekend about Seattle and their defense, how it was infallible and impenetrable. The secondary labelled ‘the legion of boom’ has shut down every offence they have come across so far this season.

Andrew Luck and the Colts on the other hand was a different proposition, they beat the Seahawks defence for multiple big plays and they managed to grab the win ending Seattle’s unbeaten start to the season. Could we see these two teams at MetLife Stadium in February?

image: © David Reber Hammer Photography