AquaRiva Tequila by Cleo Rocos

Cleo Rocos

Tequila Tuesdays. It’s got a nice ring to it, huh?

Like all clever ideas, it wasn’t mine, but Lucy’s – one of the PRs helping to promote the Central & Co cocktail bar, and Cleo Rocos (for people of my generation, one-half of the Kenny Everett Television Show) and her tequila brand, AquaRiva.

Like many people, I’ve had my share of bad tequila experiences. A certain birthday saw me rather unceremoniously passed out on the sofa, while my friends stuffed crisps into my mouth and partied with abandon. Cleo’s theory is that it’s the additives which makes tequila a bad drink, and if you drink the pure stuff – 100% agave, no less – you won’t suffer.

Sure, I thought. That’s what every drinks promoter says. However, Cleo is nothing if not a force of nature, and after a considerable amount of research, started her own AquaRiva brand, which boasts AquaRiva Blanco, AquaRiva Reposado and AquaRiva Premium Reposado, which has already been awarded a Masters Medal by the Spirits Business.

So we tried it. First as a margarita, and then neat. And I have to admit after four of the former and one of the latter, it tasted good. Great in fact. OK, there was that kick that you get when you’re drinking any alcohol straight. But we got happy without getting ‘drunk’ (a lot of which is caused by sugar content in drinks).

The event was hosted in the Central & Co bar, which I will review at a later date. It was ostensibly to promote National Positive Drinking Month (13th September – 11th October). But what it did do is sell me on this particular way of producing and drinking this much demonized spirit. Tequila Tuesday? It works for me.