Will Brian Hoyer’s Cleveland-DNA lead the Browns to victory?

Hometown kid Brian Hoyer let Cleveland Browns fans start to believe. Will it continue tonight against the Buffalo Bills?

“They got believe in this kid Brian Hoyer who is from around here [meaning Cleveland]. His dad is a season ticket holder. So there is some DNA within Hoyer that gives extra special believe to a fan base that really is dying for it.”

Rich Eisen host at NFL Network puts it right on the money regarding Brian Hoyer. Sure the 27-year-old thrower from Cleveland, who has been a back-up for almost his entire professional life will feel the belief when he steps on his pitch. However there is much more to it then just belief.

Hoyer learned his lesson under Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in New England and transferred it to his game. He also learned how to lead a team and that shows.

NFL columnist Michael Silver talked with Browns right tackle Mitchell Schwartz about Hoyer. "You can tell he was influenced by his time in New England. He told us that we can’t start feeling too good about ourselves or looking too far past this, that we need to take care of this game, and nothing else is important.”

Hoyer’s off-the-field-behaviour is well respected furthermore he showed last week that his on-the-field-action are not bad either. Coming from a win over the Minnesota Vikings he beat another playoff contender. In the game against the Cincinnati Bengals he reduced his turnovers from three to zero and completed 25 of 38 passes for 269 yards.

Top four Quarterbacks in the 2014 NFL Draft: Cleveland and Jacksonville pay attention!

If Hoyer continues to play that efficient the Browns could be in first place in their division. Cincinnati is playing the 4-0 New England Patriots on Sunday and Baltimore is facing Miami at home this week and that’s a tough spot to win a game as the Falcons had to experience in their 27-23 loss two weeks ago.

The Cleveland Brown in first place in the AFC North? A division in which since 2008 every season at least two teams have been to the playoffs.

Baltimore and Pittsburgh obviously were very successful, by winning the Super Bowl 2012 and 2008 respectively. But all that excluded the Cleveland Browns who had 2002 their last playoff appearance and 1989 their last success in the playoffs. Recently they have been the whipping boys of the division.

It is way too early to project a playoff berth like several experts do, however with a win over the mediocre Buffalo Bills they will have a winning record for the first time in a long time and that’s worth mentioning.

What happens with Brian Hoyer is still under review and general management will quite likely wait till the end of the season to decide if Hoyer is the long term solution. Keep in mind the Browns starting quarterback will be compared to the strong and deep Draft class of 2014.

What is your opinion? Will Brian Hoyer remain the starting quarterback for the Browns in this season and maybe even longer?

image: © daniel erik drost