VIDEO: Ohio State showed their support for their anchor Dom Tiberi

After his daughter passed away Ohio State football players line up to hug Dom Tiberi.

American football is a tough sport. A player’s goal is to tackle his opponent and throw him to the ground. The following heartwarming story happened off the field, however this time the goal was to help someone up.

After his 21-year-old daughter died in a car accident Dom Tiberi, who is a sports anchor, returned to work at Ohio Stadium.

He has covered the football program, the Ohio State Buckeyes, for over 30 years and his daughter was a student at Ohio State University.

Last Saturday at Tiberi’s first day after the accident Ohio State players line up to hug him. The heartwarming gesture fulfilled Tiberi with deep gratitude.

Tiberi later thanked everyone via Twitter.

image: © navin75