FIFA 14: Harder, Smarter and still the Best

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It may just be a game, but for many football fans who have literally grown up playing the new version each year, it's as much a part of their regular football cycle as fantasy football, their local / favourite team and complaining about international football when it comes along.

For most football fans, Manchester United and Real Madrid losing on the weekend was a significant talking point. But if you're a FIFA franchise fan, your weekend was probably spent playing the latest incarnation - AdvertisementFIFA 14 - and actually winning instead of worrying about whether your team won or not.

So what makes FIFA 14 so special? If you had pre-ordered it you would have received it on the weekend and you'd already know first-hand - but in case you're still on the fence here are a few great reasons why you should order FIFA 14 online right now.

Visual Realism

The graphics are as sharp and crystal clear as ever, with the attention to detail there for all to see. Over the last number of years EA Sports have looked to make the game as life-like as possible, with some long-standing gamers complaining that the fun element of the game was taking a backseat. However, from the reaction to the demo, those buying the game on Friday will have plenty of enjoyment in their Fifa adventure.

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Improved Gameplay

There have been a few quibbles in past editions that pace and speed are the overriding factors to determine the victor of a game. EA Sports have been keen to address this, and there is a noticeable shift to focus on skill and tactics, rather than a sprightly striker deciding the game in your favour. All players are noticeably slower, so your passing and build-up will need to improve.

This will be made all the more difficult as an exemplary first touch that has become commonplace in other editions is no longer as standard. Shooting is also more detailed, with the gamer needing to be more precise and accurate.

Improved AI

One thing that will make it easier to round off a perfect team goal or swift counter-attack is the improvement in game AI, with players on your team ready to make clever runs and avoid the offside trap.

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Next-Gen Consoles

If you're planning to pick up XBox One or PS4, make sure you pick up FIFA 14 alongside it. FIFA 14 isn't available for these next-gen consoles yet but from test reports, the graphics and gameplay will blow your mind.

Final Verdict

The improved gameplay and game AI are central to the FIFA 14 upgrade - everything else, however fantastic and fun it might be, is just window dressing.

Luckily FIFA have perfected their method of making significant enough upgrades to the game each year to make us come back for more.

And there aren't many games you can say that about.

FIFA 14 was released on Friday, September 27th in the UK. You can Advertisementorder FIFA 14 here

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