The Houston Texans realise that Matt Schaub is not Russell Wilson

In the Texans’ tight 23-20 loss to the Seahawks it became obvious that Schaub is not the guy.

The Seattle Seahawks and their fearsome hard hitting defense only allowed 241 yards of offense in their first three games. However the Texans, with last years Defensive Player of the Year and a healthy Brian Cushing, wanted to be known for their defense too. They definitively succeeded in that.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, now in his second year, couldn’t find any rhythm. Mainly due to the fact that three of his very reliable offensive linemen were injured. Wilson was hurried, hit and sacked a lot in the first half and couldn’t establish an offensive attack.

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Thanks to his defense Matt Schaub got enough opportunities to shine and he did, recording 324 Yards of offense in the first half, 83 yards more then the Seahawks allowed in their first three games combined.

But after the first half the game turned. Russell Wilson figured out the Texans defense, ran for 98 yards, made more short passes and gave his team a spark - primarily with an important fourth down conversion.

Sure, the Seahawks came back but the Texans were in control and they lost it.

A little less then three minutes to go and the Texans could run out the clock. Instead of handing the ball to running back Arian Foster, Schaub throw a sloppy pass to his TE Owen Daniels after a play-action-fake with pressure in his face and Seahawks CB Richard Sherman took it to the house. Schaub’s third straight game with a pick six.

That alone might be excusable or explainable but it was Matt Schaub who then couldn’t do anything when the game was on the line at 20-20 with a little bit more than two minutes to play. He also wasn’t able to do anything on three following occasions in overtime. A miserable loss for the two time Pro Bowl QB.

This raises the question of weather Matt Schaub is the long term answer for the Houston Texans. As we reported before, the team from the American South is stacked up with talent and could feel that the QB is holding them back.

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Head coach Gary Kubiak denied that in an interview with ESPN: “He’s our quarterback. I believe in him. He’s a strong kid, but it’s going to be a tough week.”

In a players-only meeting on Monday teammates of Schaub rallied around him giving him the support he needs. They know very well that this season stands and falls with the QB entering his six year. However after this season it will be a whole other story.

It’s becoming clear that Matt Schaub has not the calm and poise like, for example, Russell Wilson has. Schaub is able to play at a very high level against a bad team but is he capable of winning tough game? The Seahawks just answered that.

What is your opinion? Is Matt Schaub holding the Texans back?

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