Press Start: GTA Online begins, Kinect can hear two voices at once, and more

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GTA Online: Everything you need to know

It may be online by the time you read this but just in case, CVG has done a little post on the imminent arrival of GTA Online:

Players can work together in co-op missions, take part in "ambient activity" or play more traditional game modes. As Rockstar puts it: "Go on your own or round up your friends to explore the open world together - catch a movie, go mountain biking, hit the shooting range and much more. Want to test the law? Knock over a convenience store, take down a gang or rob an armored truck for easy cash and Reputation."

This is probably going to be a lot of fun.

Killzone dev Guerrilla confirms work on new IP has begun |

Eric Boltjes, a lead designer on Killzone: Shadow Fall has told Eurogamer that the Dutch developer is ready to start on a new IP:

"I can be true about it, yes. That's definitely what's happening right now. I can't tell you what we're thinking of but yes," he said.

"As a studio we do want to branch out, and we have started work on a new IP, something completely different to Killzone. I don't want to say anything about it right now, but as a studio we do want to keep it fresh."

It's going to be a science fiction-based THIRD-person shooter!

New Kinect can understand two people talking at the same time | Polygon

Phil Harrison hosted an Xbox One event during the Eurogamer Expo and this snippet of Kinect info came up:

This second iteration of Kinect can both hear and understand two people speaking at once, and additionally is able to see whether their mouths are moving in a dark room, said new technology lead developer Nick Burton during the session.

The new Kinect sensor can detect 25 joints between six different people, as well as recognize who is using the controller, estimate heart rates and map faces to 1,400 points.

Oh and apparently it definitely is NOT recording and uploading your conversations. Harrison probably wanted to add something along the lines of "Because, seriously, who wants to hear that stuff?" but couldn't because of PR.

My Defining Moment as a Football Manager | IGN

Man starts Football Manager game on a train; draws crowd of like-minded fans:

Then he started to offer advice. In between matches he would suggest young players to scout and stars who would fit my team's play style. During games he'd spot weak points in my formations, suggest substitutions and talk in depth about opposition strategy and my training schedules. Much to my bemusement, he had even taken to cheering my goals. For any other game I'd hate having a backseat gamer like this, but something struck me; he had essentially become my assistant manager.

A nice little story about footballing solidarity – and the lack of personal space on trains.

Ian Livingstone leaves Eidos | GamesIndustry International

The video game veteran is leaving his role as Eidos head after over 20 years at the company. Before that he was at Domark, and before that running Games Workshop and writing the brilliant Fighting Fantasy game books.

Livingstone will continue in the games business with investments and mentoring in the mobile and online space, as well as continue with his projects The Livingstone Foundation and the Next Gen Skills campaign.

While at Eidos - which was bought by Square Enix in 2009 - Livingstone has had a hand in the launch of multiple IP including Tomb Raider, Thief, Deus Ex, Hitman and Legacy of Kain.

"Every industry has pioneers and legends, words which can be used too casually, but not in the case of Ian, who should be an inspiration to everyone making games all over the world," offered Phil Rogers, CEO of Square ENix US and Europe. "Without his creativity and vision, names like Games Workshop, Fighting Fantasy and Tomb Raider might never have been."

I've known Ian for many years – he was effectively my boss when I was a writer and tester at Big Red Software many years ago. Secretly, I think he's leaving so that he can spend more time with his beloved Manchester City. Whatever you do, good luck Ian.

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