Could the Titans hold on to their record despite a new QB?

Ryan Fitzpatrick will fill in for the injured Jake Locker. Will the Tennessee Titans keep their momentum?

Everything was going fine for the Tennessee Titans until two New York Jets defender lowered their helmets and rammed quarterback Jake Locker to the ground. “Totally unnecessary” at least that’s what Titans coach Mike Munchak thinks. He has a point. Munchak’s future rests on the back of the third year QB.

It finally looked like it could be the year for the Titans but with Jake Locker facing a injury break for at least six weeks their early success could come to an end in their make or break year.

The Tennessee Titans haven’t had a winning season since 2008 and haven’t had a playoff win since 2003. Jake Locker the eight pick overall in the 2011 NFL draft won just 4 out of 7 games before this season. So ownership and general management had reasons to get nervous.

But Locker looked very good in the first four weeks. His quarterback rating is at a career high and he played like he's matured a lot. In the game against the San Diego Chargers Locker scrambled up the middle for 39 yards. An important play for the win, which showed why Jake Locker should be the leader of this team.

Top four Quarterbacks in the 2014 NFL Draft: Cleveland and Jacksonville pay attention!

But now it is Ryan Fitzpatrick in control and he could give head coach Mike Munchak headaches. The Harvard alumna had his ups and downs in his career. After signing a huge contract with his former team the Buffalo Bills in 2011 as a reward for some impressive wins Fitzpatrick failed to live up to the hype.

In a much improved Titans squad especially with running back Chris Johnson and rookie wide receiver Justin Hunter the experienced veteran Fitzpatrick has the opportunity to rebuild his reputation.

A little indication of that was when the 30-year-old QB threw a 77-yard strike to his wide out Nate Washington. Only Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie and a referee standing in the middle of the field could stop him, but Washington ran over them both. A symbol which could gave the Titans hope for their next match up against the 4-0 Kansas City Chiefs.

What do you think ? Could the Titans beat the Kansas City Chiefs despite loosing Jack Locker?

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a better video then that, but watch the crowd ready to boo the referee and then cheer when Washington slams him to the ground. The TV commentator said rightly about this play “Normally the officials have better ball awareness then that […]”. So true.

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