NFL: Five things we learned from Sunday's Week 4 games

The New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants, Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns feature.

The fourth NFL Sunday is in the history books and there was a lot to be learned this week. Here are a few things that we noticed yesterday afternoon.

Adrian Peterson is still the best

Peterson arrived at Wembley after a few disappointing performances (disappointing for his level anyway) and looked to be trying to prove a point cementing his place as the best player in the NFL. He managed to do it in style by rushing for 140 yards and two touchdowns, including a spectacular 60-yard dash beating the entire Steelers defence to the endzone. He certainly put on a show for the UK fans and with his fullback Jerome Felton back from suspension you should expect to see more performances like this in the coming weeks.

London can throw a party

Once again London put on a great show while the NFL was in town. The fans can count themselves very lucky to have such a great weekend event. The Regent Street block party was a great event to get new fans interested in the game and the game itself was a brilliant advert for the NFL, it was also great to hear all the players say how much of a great experience it was to come over and play, this was another testament to how well the organisers have done with the entire event.

Patriots know how to win ball games

The talk before the season started seemed to suggest that the New England Patriots were not the team they once were and that this year would be the season that they get severely tested for their AFC East crown. Well after four weeks the Patriots are unbeaten at 4-0 a position they are so used to being in. We’ve learned this week that no matter how many times you write them off they will always prove you wrong. It can’t be questioned that they haven’t played that well until last night against the Falcons but they are 4-0 and I’m sure many teams would want to be in their position.

The Giants are done and the Chiefs are for real

At 0-4 the Giants can cancel any plans they had of playing football in January. They have had a horrible start to the season and it got worst against the highflying Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. A 31-7 loss sent them to a fourth straight loss but the Chiefs win means they have already doubled their win total from last season. New head coach Andy Reid is certainly having the desired effect on his team, it’s a nice surprise to see them doing so well and who would bet against them to make it to the playoffs?

Cleveland are upsetting the odds

If the Cleveland Browns want a shot at the number one overall pick then they better stop winning games. For the second straight week the Browns upset the odds to grab a win, this time their victim was the much-fancied Cincinnati Bengals team. You wouldn’t expect them to get beaten by the Browns because they are supposed to be competing for the AFC North crown. How long can the Browns and Brian Hoyer keep this going?

images: © arvee50, © jimchou