Tampa Bay Buccaneers to bench quarterback Josh Freeman

From now on it is rookie Mike Glennon or the 2014 NFL Draft for the talented Bucs.

Teams with a 3-0 record at the beginning of the season have from a statistical point of view a very good chance to make it into the playoffs.

Vice versa. There is a pretty good likelihood of not making the playoffs when a team starts 0-3. Only three teams have done it since 1990. The odds are not rising when one lost the last eight of nine games.

The mindset of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organisation was clear when they announced they will bench starting quarterback Josh Freeman in favour of this year’s third round draft pick Mike Glennon.

Make no mistake, a record like Tampa Bay’s is not only the thrower’s fault. Shaky play-calling by offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan is a reason too. However Josh Freeman is getting the blame for now.

Top four Quarterbacks in the 2014 NFL Draft: Cleveland and Jacksonville pay attention!

Not only is Freeman in his make-or-break season, second year head coach Greg Schiano is too. Team owner Malcolm Glazer and general manager Mark Dominik want to find out whose fault the 0-3 record is and they gave fifth year quarterback Freeman the slight nod for the mess.

Rightly so. In the third straight week he is completing less than 50% of his throws and that’s not due to shaky play-calling. Nor is it his lack of leadership.

The Bucs will examine rookie Mike Glennon over the span of the remaining season. If he fails great prospects are waiting in the 2014 NFL Draft. If not the team from Florida will go from there.

They are loaded with talent on all sides of the field. A superb running attack led by second year Doug Martin and a tall and strong wide out in Vincent Jackson will give Glennon a chance to to win a couple more games than lose eight out of nine.

With a talented and experienced team around him it shouldn’t be the toughest task. The next game against the 1-2 Arizona Cardinals will tell us if Mike Glennon is ready.

What do you think? Has Mike Glennon got the skills to shine?

image: © arctic wind