Pittsburgh Steelers v Minnesota Vikings: Players face challenges during London trip

The International series once again arrives in London this week as the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Minnesota Vikings, both are winless so it is all to play for.

When the players arrive in London they will have to adapt quickly to the changes they will find.

Not just in culture but their daily routines will be disrupted, meeting rooms will be in a different place and they won’t be able to be free to wonder around anywhere they wish like they would be at home.

The food is obviously a big difference for the players and not being able to have your home comforts is important to many. It is a struggle for teams to ensure that everyone is happy on the trip.

Sportsmen and women are often superstitious beings and they would not like to throw off their pre game routine even if it means making a trip to London.

Steelers safety Ryan Clark told reporters today that he would rather retire than play for a franchise in London.

This would be a problem if there was ever the creation of a London franchise, would players want to move away from home and their family to play in the UK?

It is a choice that footballers in Europe have to make all the time when moving abroad to play their football. Some don’t ever settle in the new country and this obviously affects their performances on the field.

It’s a massive talking point for the NFL to consider but it is a majority that welcome playing abroad and coming over to London for regular season games.

All these issues would have to be sorted in the future but for now lets enjoy another International Series game and hope that players enjoy it and want to come back.

image: © vtravelled