The Miami Dolphins are 3-0 thanks to Joe Philbin’s obsession

With Philbin’s strict regime and Ryan Tannehill’s poise the Dolphins are 3-0.

He sneaks from behind, taps the unprepared one on the shoulder pointing at his un-tied shoes and asks: “What do we have here? Just to kid around, joking around, taking it easy?”

One most certainly knew that the culture changed in Miami shortly after new head coach Joe Philbin arrived and that showed in every detail. Philbin picked up little papers from the training field, criticises the hue of someone’s pen and checked the condition of the locker room.

Clearly every detail mattered to him. Maybe Philbin has an obsession, but it can’t be denied that this affected the Miami Dolphins.

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Under his regime the Dolphins are 3-0 for the first time since 2002. After four seasons finishing with losing records the three-game winning streak is a much appreciated change.

Two of the three wins came against playoff teams from last year, but Sunday’s last-minute victory against the Atlanta Falcons, one of the better teams in the NFC, came with a higher value.

Much of the success is Joe Philbin’s achievement, but it helps to have a potentially great quarterback.

Ryan Tannehill picked it up were he left off. Setting rookie records in his first year the 25-year-old from Texas showed his poise in a tough match against the Atlanta Falcons, where he threw the last touchdown in the game with 38 seconds left on the clock to seal the victory.

Tannehill should get a lot of credit for this win, because he didn’t lose his patience through the course of the game. First the Miami Dolphins were down by 10-0 then by 20-10, but they came back with some almost mistake free drives from the quarterback.

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The team from Florida has still a lot of difficult games ahead of them, for example at the 3-0 New Orleans Saints on Monday night next week. The Saints too are a team that have started their comeback after last year’s miserable 7-9 season.

Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees, the Super Bowl MVP of 2010, will put head coach Joe Philbin’s discipline and his well coached Dolphins team to the test. After that game we will know if the success of the Miami Dolphins is for real.

What do you think? Could the Dolphins beat the New Orleans Saints? Do you trust their success?

Watch Joe Philbin at 17:50. 

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